Fremdsprachenwettbewerb 2014

Hi! We are Mr Fisher's year 9 English class.  In January 2014 we made four short films for the Bremen Foreign Language Competition.  We presented them in Oberschule Rotersand on 1st April and the whole class won a day trip to Gröningen in Holland in June where we will learn a few words of Dutch (Hollandisch).
Here is one of the four short films we made.  It is called "Bad Advice" and it was written and directed by Florian Busch (9a).  It is about a boy (Thorben Crome, 9a) who has a meeting with the Careers Adviser (Berufsberater).  The Careers Adviser (Gerrit Jaskiewitz, 9a) gives Thorben some VERY bad advice about jobs he could do.  We hope you find it funny!